Omaha Fashion Week Connects Art, Community and Empowerment

Omaha Fashion Week celebrated their 10 year anniversary in 2017 and is the nation’s fifth largest fashion event. Spotlighting fashion innovations and creativity by connecting designers, stylists, photographers, artists, models and individuals who love empowering the arts.

We had the privilege to dress cancer survivors at the Methodist Survivor Show on Thursday, March 1, at Omaha Fashion Week and brought a gift certificate for one lucky guest! Over 700 guests were in attendance to support 130+ cancer survivors as they hit the runway. The evening was filled with standing ovations and was an inspirational way for families and friends to bond and encourage the fight over cancer as we watched them strut down the runway. Proceeds benefited local cancer communities in the Omaha area.

Omaha Fashion Week concluded Saturday, March 3 and featured over 60 designers. From emerging and established designers, we had a chance to see the finale show. Highlights were ethereal fantasy costume designs and themes spotlighting events of the real world. Fashion isn’t just about what is trending but more about bringing people together through the way of dressing. We continue to be inspired by all the emerging designers that bring their passion through their work and strive to do the same at!

Photo Courtesy: Heather and Jameson Photography