Introducing Jeffrey Dodd✨Timeless Womenswear in Sweeping Colors

Designed in New York City and handmade in Italy. Jeffrey Dodd’s Spring 2018 collection delves into the beauty and flowing styles of the Southwestern aura. Think rich colors like teal, turquoise, and metallic glints on white and black attire. Highlighting wave patterns mimicking sunny canyons in flowing tops with transparent overlays, bold blazers, cascading blouses and sleek pants-perfect for strutting when wearing heels. Select pieces are now available at

The Jeffrey Dodd woman is characterized by her accomplishments, confidence, and passion for quality.

Born and raised in Iowa. Dodd began his career in visual merchandising for Ralph Lauren. He graduated from Pratt Institute’s fashion design program and launched Jeffrey Dodd in 2014. Dodd was named a 2017 rising star by Fashion Group International and was selected by the city of New York as a 2016 design entrepreneur.

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Dodd