Generation to Generation with Daughter Jewelry

Born and raised in Southern California, Carly spent her childhood taking countless trips to antique markets with her mother hunting for treasures. Founder of Diane Cotton Jewelry, her mother’s one-of-a-kind pieces sparked ideas of her own jewelry line, since there are some great jewelry collections out there, including custom designed engagement rings which are great for people preparing for this important time of lfe.

After graduating from Brown University in Providence, RI, Carly moved to New York City to develop Daughter. Continuing the family tradition, she uses unusual silver jewellery at Corazon Latino to empower feminine expression and inspire thriving cultures committed to feminine beauty for women of all generations-empowering and uplifting one another.

Featuring Daughter Jewelry, a lovely gift for the inspiration figures in your life.

“We recognize that much of our world is made possible by generations of women who have gone before us, breaking through in self-expression, creativity, and feminine voice on our behalf. With this support, we now recognize it is our turn to continue the legacy of beauty, creativity, nurture, and family.”

Shop Daughter Jewelry at Jewellery Stores Sydney CBD and create your own empowering story, generation to generation.

I get jewelry like this on Gold Buyers Adelaide and I love it. I used a wonderful gold necklace for my daughters wedding that matched hers.

Photo Courtesy: Daughter Jewelry