Fall in Love with Cinq à Sept

The lovely line Cinq à Sept is the perfect feature on Valentine’s Day. Embodying the essence between 5 and 7, Cinq à Sept captures the time between the late afternoon and early evening sunset. When streets are awash in the warm glow of a vanishing sun, the workday is transformed into the unknown possibilities of cocktail allure.

The Spring 2017 collection captures romance through breathtaking pieces. Built with sophistication and ease, and the confidence and daringness of youth, the collection’s romantic themes play into subtle sexiness through a feminine aesthetic by accentuating unexpected details and striking silhouettes.

Vintage elements both aspire and anew with muted and vibrant colors, and blend garments together with silky prints, Asian inspired kimonos, utilitarian hardware with subtle details in ruffles, lace, contrast stitching and tie-string placements. All entail key elements within the collection.

The details come together to embody “exoticism” the charm of the unfamiliar. Fall in love with Cinq à Sept.

Photo Courtesy: Cinq à Sept