FEI World Cup Brings Global Attendees to Omaha

With over 50,000 attendees, Omaha hosted the equestrian world championship at the CenturyLink Center on March 29-April 2, 2017. Beating out international hot spots, the event featured two Olympic equestrian categories, show jumping and dressage.

Riders, horses and avid fans traveled from Europe and from around the globe, as well as locals that enjoyed a new experience. Area vendors, including our very own She.la pop up shop and food booths, were included in the same area as the warm-up space for riders. Attendees had an all-access venue to vendors and a close-up view to riders preparing for competition. A skywalk also connected to Hilton Omaha, giving ultimate travel ease.

Pictured are presenters from Develop Model Management. We were fortunate to dress the lovely ladies in our collection of exclusive pH15 dresses. The models handed out awards to the finalists during the awards ceremony weekend.

According to the Omaha World Herald, John Roche, World Cup director for equestrian sport governing body Fédération Equatre Internationale, said Omaha pulled off a “top-class event” and would be very viable as a competitive location for future World Cup events. The event brought new perspective to the bustling Old Market corner and new insight to Omaha. Both Lisa Roskens, board chair of the Omaha Equestrian Foundation and Mike West, CEO of the Omaha Equestrian Foundation, were highly-praised for organizing the event.

We had a lovely experience and met countless new friends from around the globe. And of course, beautiful horses in their competitive element!

Cameron, son of Sheila Christ, owner of She.la, is dressed to impress. Representing our store in a plaid Appaman suit and taking in the view while working on his photography and video skills. What a cutie!