360-Degree Dressing with pH15

Bringing a focus on 360-degree dressing, pH15 reconstructs a woman’s body with elevating fits and bold colors for the ultimate pragmatic and desired silhouette. The unique collection of dresses features varying sleeve lengths and necklines with intricate cut details that emphasize the elegance in precision-perfect for day to night dressing.

Designer Ping He first gained attention on the Shanghai fashion scene where she was awarded the Shanghai Fashion Award for womenswear and a Saga Design Award. She worked for Alexander McQueen and also was Head of Design for Aftershock London before branching out to form her own chic and modern line that embodies and sparks confidence.

Her collection of select dresses are now at She.la!

Photo Courtesy: pH15

Defining Simplicity that Captures the Eye with Ania Schierholt

The Ania Schierholt collection conveys warmth, comfort and practicality with authentic designs that are harmonized with the designer’s personality. She brings serenity, strength, structure and style with masterfully cut lines complementing the female form. The flexibility in mixing and matching fabrics optimizes creativity, beauty and reveals the subtle sexiness of the collection. So excited to have select pieces at She.la!

Photo Courtesy: Ania Schierholt

Fall in Love with Cinq à Sept

The lovely line Cinq à Sept is the perfect feature on Valentine’s Day. Embodying the essence between 5 and 7, Cinq à Sept captures the time between the late afternoon and early evening sunset. When streets are awash in the warm glow of a vanishing sun, the workday is transformed into the unknown possibilities of cocktail allure.

The Spring 2017 collection captures romance through breathtaking pieces. Built with sophistication and ease, and the confidence and daringness of youth, the collection’s romantic themes play into subtle sexiness through a feminine aesthetic by accentuating unexpected details and striking silhouettes.

Vintage elements both aspire and anew with muted and vibrant colors, and blend garments together with silky prints, Asian inspired kimonos, utilitarian hardware with subtle details in ruffles, lace, contrast stitching and tie-string placements. All entail key elements within the collection.

The details come together to embody “exoticism” the charm of the unfamiliar. Fall in love with Cinq à Sept.

Photo Courtesy: Cinq à Sept

Introducing (nude) Spring Summer 2017 Collection

So excited to shine a spotlight on our newest designer. We uncovered this lovely collection when traveling to showrooms in New York. Arrivals are finally here and we are thrilled to bring (nude) to Omaha. Learn about the brand and collection.

(nude) meaning bare but pure, embodies a sensual and sophisticated line defining contemporary simplicity. By interweaving their experiences together through a creative fashion collaboration, gal pals Luana Rivi and Marinella Sighinolfi transform their passions into the creation of the ultimate knitwear for women.

The Spring Summer 2017 Collection brings a freestyle spirit through artistic military chicness inspired by Frida Kahlo’s combative femininity. Designs feature handcrafted art in forms of symbolic animals, a signature statement flower, elegant sequin-embroidered patches, lace and plissé details, and accented sporty bands highlighting raw edging and contrast piping. Fabrics combine intricate macramé, cozy cotton coated with leather effects, raffia fleece, metallized jacquard and romantic ruffles with stripes.

The looks blend together to embody the ultimate sleek and nonchalance feel. From black shine glimmers and sheer texturing, shimmering into military greens, khaki, ivory and warm sunset shades of rosewood, tangerine, and tan.

Casual glam with a touch of rustic allure is (nude).

Photo Courtesy: (nude)